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About Superhosts

A Superhost is a Host who goes above and beyond to provide excellent hospitality. Guests can easily identify a Superhost from the badge  that appears on their Airbnb listing and profile.

Qualifying as a Superhost

Anyone can become a Superhost, and you don’t need to apply. You earn Superhost status by receiving positive reviews, being responsive, and avoiding cancellations. Learn more about the criteria for becoming a Superhost.

Maintaining Superhost status

We check Superhost performance 4 times a year to ensure we’re highlighting the best of the best. Learn more about maintaining Superhost status.

Note: Airbnb doesn’t endorse or sponsor any Host, including Superhosts, or their listings. Superhost Terms and Conditions apply.

Benefits of being a Superhost

Superhosts have more visibility, earning potential, and get access to exclusive rewards. If you’re a current Superhost, you can claim rewards at You will need to be logged into your Airbnb account.

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