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    How do I set custom weekly or monthly pricing?

    Incentivizing guests to book longer stays could help you achieve higher occupancy with lower guest turnover. If you want to charge less for longer stays, you can set a weekly or monthly discount. Your weekly discount will apply to any reservation for 7-27 nights. Your monthly discount will apply to any reservation for 28 nights or longer.

    Weekly or monthly discounts

    To set a weekly or monthly discount for longer reservations:

    1. Go to Your listings on and select a listing
    2. Click Pricing at the top of the page
    3. Next to Length-of-stay discounts, click Edit
    4. Enter your weekly or monthly discount, then click Save

    There are a few things to know about long-term pricing:

    • Most guests looking for stays longer than 1 month actively look for listings with monthly discounts.
    • Weekly and monthly discounts are visible to guests in search results, where a highlighted discounted price displays next to the original price, and on your listing page, which shows a highlighted weekly or monthly discount on the price breakdown before the total.
    • After the discount is applied, the minimum daily price must be at least $10 per day.

    Custom pricing

    Custom weekly and monthly prices will override your normal nightly, weekly, and monthly prices, as well as any custom nightly prices you’ve set for your calendar.

    If you want to charge more for long-term stays, set custom prices for specific weeks or months.

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