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Best nightclubs in Wrocław

Natural Feature
“The oldest part of Wroclaw with its beautiful traditional European construction. Breathtaking cathedral. Wroclaw is The only City that still employs a lamplighter so you might see a man in a black cloak straight from 19th century igniting lamps at dusk:) Charming and romantic.”
  • 63 locals recommend
“The zoo has the most animal species (as many as 1100), ranging from the tiniest ones like the cockroaches to the largest ones like the elephants. Afrykarium is the biggest attraction of the zoo - Poland's first oceanarium and a unique one in the world. Roughly 5 000 animals are housed in it, mainly fish, including seven species of sharks. Amazing manatees, Nile hippos, aardvarks, naked mole-rats, and dozens of free-flying birds can also be found here. ”
  • 42 locals recommend
History Museum
“Monumental painting with a length of 114 metres and a height of 15 metres. It depicts the victorious battle of Poles over Russians at Racławice in April 1794.”
  • 32 locals recommend
“Best place in Wroclaw - iconic views and buildings. One of the best Main Square in Europe.”
  • 23 locals recommend
“Feels like little Japan in Poland. One of my favorites​ in the city when it's warm. ”
  • 27 locals recommend
“One of The most famous islands of Wroclaw. Surrounded by Odra river ( you can take a river cruise) , marina and parks. It is a home to many restaurants and cafes in the Summer time:)”
  • 30 locals recommend
Science Museum
“This is something like modern knowlege center about water. They call them self Water Museum. Very interested place, also good to go there with family. You can buy tickets on their website.”
  • 23 locals recommend
Movie Theater
“the best independent cinema in Poland. International festivals: New Horizons in July, American Film Festival in October”
  • 27 locals recommend
“Swimming pools, saunas, gym, restaurant. Great place to spend some time with family and friends.”
  • 20 locals recommend
Art Museum
“One of the main museums in Wrocław and Lower Silesia. The museum's collections include mainly painting and sculpture, with particular emphasis on the art of the whole Silesia. ”
  • 18 locals recommend
“Get a taste and feel for old Poland in this historic restaurant/cafe/bar. It's a beautiful antique atmosphere with an enormous assortments of cakes and coffee, great big breakfasts and other mealtime choices. There's a fantastic night life there, too, with concerts and other small events. When the weather is warm you can sit outside under a giant chestnut tree in the courtyard of the White Stork Synagog. Don't miss this place!”
  • 22 locals recommend
Concert Hall
“This is not only a building, but very very nice park which is arround it. Wroclaw is taking care of this place and it looks better and better every year. Is summer time there is a multimedia fountain, where you can watch show with water, lights and sound. Just google "multimedia fountain wroclaw" and you will find all info you need. Please notice also that it's can be very crowdy in summer time.”
  • 7 locals recommend
Shopping Mall
“it's the largest shopping center in Wroclaw. If you want to go shopping - you cannot miss it!”
  • 11 locals recommend
Italian Restaurant
“Not only in my opinion, but many many people says this the best pizza in Wroclaw. Of course, all depends of what you like, but there is usually a line to wait for a table, I think it says a lot about it.”
  • 13 locals recommend
“Wroclaws' burgers place, many people says they are the best, I'm one of them.”
  • 18 locals recommend
“"Bread and Butter" is a great cafe/restaurant with an exquisite garden located on the Promenada Staromiejska, a pedestrian boulevard along the canals of the Old Town. ”
  • 22 locals recommend