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Best nightclubs in Special Region of Yogyakarta

“Don’t tell us you’ve been to Yogyakarta unless you’ve visited Borobudur, Prambanan and Merapi. Although you might not have time for all three in one day, it’s definitely worth the effort to at least experience one of these amazing sceneries. No matter what you choose, make sure the weather is on your side, and enjoy these views at their fullest”
  • 42 locals recommend
“Palace where the seat of the reigning Sultan of Yogyakarta and his family. The complex is a center of Javanese culture, and contains a museum displaying royal artifacts.”
  • 40 locals recommend
“An UNESCO world heritage, most famous Hindu temple in Yogya. No need to join any tour to go there, you can book online taxi (Grab or Gojek). You can see Ramayana ballet in the night, and the temple as the background.”
  • 45 locals recommend
Police Station
“Literally in the heart of the city this living palace called Kraton is not a museum, part of it is open to the public. You don't need to book a tour. You can buy tickets at the entrance, quite often older man dressed in traditional palace costumes (the real thing mind you), offer to walk you around. It is not much of a help, but it is their way to make bit of extra income and they are very proud of this place. When you are done or want to continue by yourself you say many thanks (terima kashi) give discreetly whatever you like to give. Let your heart speak. It is an interesting visit. The Sultan is still there, the only Royal family in the Republic with the special status Yogya has. You see carriages, antique cars and the place breathes a special atmosphere.”
  • 19 locals recommend
Mediterranean Restaurant
“My favorite - everything fresh - even mayonnaise made a la minute - my choice is always a Ceasar Salad: the best really. Good wine by the caraf and reasonably priced. Run by Kamil who brings the best of France to this place. Also they sell home made French bread. Lunch and dinner. When we go for dinner we go at 5, than all the tables free. Have a drink and appetizer and we still walk out 3 hours later. Come at 7 you'll be waiting for a table. Pass by earlier in the day and make a reservation for a time that is better for you;”
  • 28 locals recommend
Cosmetics Shop
“The most prestigious mall, partly owned by the Sultan I am told. Great cinema upper floor. Lots of food places. Big superstore. All the international food chains there: Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Baskin Robbins, A&W, etc. etc. ”
  • 14 locals recommend
Place to eat
“If you visit prawirotaman area. This place can provide you a really good food.”
  • 18 locals recommend
Administrative Area Level 3
“Borobudur it's the biggest buddhist temple in the world and just located 30 min drive from Villa Marcel”
  • 18 locals recommend
Arts & Crafts Store
“Jalan Malioboro is a major shopping street in Yogyakarta, Indonesia; the name is also used more generally for the neighborhood around the street. It lies north-south axis in the line between Yogyakarta Kraton and Mount Merapi (Wikipedia)”
  • 30 locals recommend
Italian Restaurant
“In the South of the city, and one more location more central, but we always go to the south. Al fresco garden style dining. Really nice thin crust pizzas. And a complete Italian menu. Also serve beer. Our favorite pizza place.”
  • 14 locals recommend
Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurant
“[15 min drive] Esp. if you are vegetarian and into organic farming, this is a must go- and check out the local street children shop there.”
  • 18 locals recommend
Batik Shop
“Nice place to buy Batik (fabric or clothes) and any other souvenirs in good quality. ”
  • 16 locals recommend
“Less than 30 km away this is one of many beaches in the South. Lava sand beach - lots of activities and couleur locale. Good for long beach walks. Not so much for swimming. Still a great day out.”
  • 15 locals recommend
“The Sultan Water Palace is a must see cultural spot on walking distance from your villa. This shows you the ancient sultan relaxation. Also very popular amongst local tourists”
  • 7 locals recommend
Frame Store
“Here you will find the water palace of the sultan and many local shopping options”
  • 11 locals recommend