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Search resultsOver 1,000 homes in Salinas Del Rey

Villa in Atlantico
Vila Coqueiro Cabin in Salinas del Rey
9 beds
Apr 23 – 28
ﺩ.ﺇ529 per night
Private room in Salinas del Rey
Lovely House in kitesurf Spot
2 beds
Apr 1 – 6
ﺩ.ﺇ156 per night, originally ﺩ.ﺇ190
Private room in Juan de Acosta
KITE KITE beach house HOTEL II
3 beds
Apr 15 – 20
ﺩ.ﺇ228 per night
Villa in Salinas Del Rey
Sandy House - Ideal for kitesurfers
7 beds
Apr 10 – 15
ﺩ.ﺇ1,116 per night
Home in CO
Beautiful, spacious and comfortable beachfront house
10 beds
Apr 1 – 6
ﺩ.ﺇ762 per night
Shipping container in Santa Verónica
PUNTO4: Caribbean seafront Barranquilla/Cartagena!
6 beds
Apr 24 – 29
ﺩ.ﺇ445 per night
Villa in Playa de Santa Verónica
🌊 The best view of the sea. Amazing villa for 14☀️
10 beds
Apr 9 – 14
ﺩ.ﺇ1,392 per night
Home in Juan de Acosta
Punta Cangrejo 4 BR Beachtown House.
11 beds
Apr 10 – 16
ﺩ.ﺇ1,641 per night, originally ﺩ.ﺇ1,860
Cottage in Juan de Acosta
Punta Cangrejo (Beach House)
7 beds
Apr 1 – 6
ﺩ.ﺇ2,220 per night
Cabin in Santa Verónica
Villa Esperanza Annie Cabana
8 beds
Apr 1 – 6
ﺩ.ﺇ977 per night
Private room in Santa Verónica
Guacamaya Kite Lodges
1 queen bed
Apr 15 – 20
ﺩ.ﺇ460 per night
Cabin in Playa de Santa Verónica
Beautiful cottage with pool near the beach
8 beds
Apr 9 – 15
ﺩ.ﺇ860 per night
Hotel room in Santa Verónica
BREES stay, kite, train, work, eat, move & meet.
1 king bed
Apr 1 – 6
ﺩ.ﺇ335 per night
Cabin in saint veronica, juan de acosta
New house with swimming pool with access TO private beach
10 beds
Apr 1 – 6
ﺩ.ﺇ804 per night, originally ﺩ.ﺇ886
Tiny home in Santa Verónica
Unique cabin, nature, mountain and sea.
1 double bed
Apr 7 – 12
ﺩ.ﺇ176 per night
Houseboat in Tubará
Cabin at Sea, Marina Puerto Velero RNT#96146
2 beds
Apr 1 – 6
ﺩ.ﺇ357 per night, originally ﺩ.ﺇ430
Villa in Santa Verónica
Villa De los Reyes
7 beds
Apr 4 – 10
ﺩ.ﺇ477 per night
Cottage in Juan de Acosta
Casa Punta Crab
7 beds
Apr 16 – 21
ﺩ.ﺇ1,068 per night