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Top recommendations from locals

“Arktikum is a science centre and museum that lets you experience northern nature, culture, and history up close.”
  • 70 locals recommend
Tourist Information Center
“The Must of Rovaniemi, entrance and meet Santa Claus is free!!! Just take the bus N. 8 from the center and go there by yourself!”
  • 47 locals recommend
Scandinavian Restaurant
“Traditional Lapland gastronomy to discover. Local fish, reindeer, beer or moose meat to enjoy. Of course, desserts are also in the menu, especially with forest berries. ”
  • 69 locals recommend
“ A modern cafè with good vibes, restaurant and a cocktail bar specializes in waffles. ”
  • 52 locals recommend
“Korundi House of Culture is the host for Lapland Chamber Orchestra, and Rovaniemi Art Museum.”
  • 37 locals recommend
Shopping Mall
“Here you will find comprehensive fashion stores, a variety of cafés and restaurants, as well as a tourist information desk and a pharmacy. The shopping center offers various services, a cinema and a parking hall for 220 cars. ”
  • 23 locals recommend
Shopping Mall
“Holds around 30 different shops that offer fashion for the entire family, beauty products, sports and wellbeing products, books and games, and much more. ”
  • 19 locals recommend
“Street food made from the best ingredients, and bistrotically authentic flavors and service, without forgetting quality drinks. Strongly influenced by America, Italy and Meänperä.”
  • 27 locals recommend
Amusement Park
“Popular place among tourists that come the visit Santa Claus attractions to Rovaniemi. ”
  • 27 locals recommend
Natural Feature
“Sporting center for downhill skiing, cross country skiing, hiking in the forest, fat bike riding,... ”
  • 31 locals recommend
“Forests are a big part of our everyday life - probably in ways you might not have expected. Did you know that ice cream, party dresses and medicines all contain timber and other products that come from forests? Forests are hugely important to us humans and to the whole world. Using them sustainably is the key to a brighter future.”
  • 25 locals recommend
“A relaxed Irish feel pub with a local touch. Specializing in the weekly rotating draft beers and the wide selection of whiskeys from the world's best-known distilleries. Upstairs there's a Pub and Downstairs a Night Club, two completely different worlds under one roof. Wednesdays and Thursday's downstairs karaoke, Fri-Sat goes to DJ's from 10pm to little hours. ”
  • 19 locals recommend
Shopping Mall
“Over 60 shops & restaurants under one roof. specialty stores of Finnish brands, optics, jewelry, sporting goods, and more. ”
  • 11 locals recommend
“Outdoor resort close to the city centre. Go downhill skiing, snowboarding or try winter tobogganing in slopes that are suitable for both beginners and professionals.”
  • 26 locals recommend
“Curious burgers and pizzas! Everything here is on sale, tables and lamps and all. Student favourite, also for families!”
  • 29 locals recommend
Dessert Shop
“A cafeteria specializing in making handmade chocolate with local ingredients.”
  • 23 locals recommend