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Best things to do in Rovaniemi

“science center and museum that lets you experience northern nature, culture and history. ”
57local recommendations
Tourist Information Center
“This is where the Santa Claus lives. Lots of restaurants and bars, shops etc here.”
33local recommendations
Scandinavian Restaurant
“My favorite restaurant. Nili serves local artic food. I can recommend Traditional sautéed reindeer from Enontekiö. Because Nili is very popular, especially winter time, making reservation is highly recommended.”
59local recommendations
“Korundi House of Culture is the host for Lapland Chamber Orchestra, and Rovaniemi Art Museum.”
37local recommendations
“Modern lounge coffee and restaurant in the centrum of Rovaniemi. Good food, coctails and artisan icecreams.”
42local recommendations
Shopping Mall
“Another shopping shoppin centre in Rovaniemi. Next to the Revontuli shopping centre.”
17local recommendations
Shopping Mall
“You can find there everything you need to survive. Nice food store on the first floor.”
13local recommendations
Natural Feature
“Ounasvaara Ski Resort is located almost in a centre of Rovaniemi city. From the Northern side of Ounasvaara mountain, you’ll find a modern Outdoor resort where you can downhill ski, snowboard, or ski while enjoying the international atmosphere. Ounasvaara’s slopes are suitable for both beginners and professionals.”
28local recommendations
“Great food. Serves street food, bistro food and local tastes. My favourite is salmon soup. Consider making reservation.”
22local recommendations
Amusement Park
“Incredible Christmas and winter wonderland. You can meet the Santa Claus and play with the Elves. Amazing performances. ”
16local recommendations
Shopping Mall
“Just across the street. Grocery shop, alcohol store and a lot of other shops”
9local recommendations
Dessert Shop
“One of my favourite places to visit when I want sweets. They reindeer chocolate also, a must visit in Rovaniemi”
18local recommendations
“This is a great place when you're over 20 and looking to party or just to have a casual beer and then continue the night dancing and drinking downstairs. Frequented by people aged 30-50. They often have live music and even a festival in the summer!”
17local recommendations
“Science centre's exhibitions will allow you to explore current forest issues. ”
21local recommendations
“Big burgers and hot wings. At lunch time, day's burger around 10€. Also available a vegan beef to burger or with salad. I recommended to try it.”
23local recommendations
“Best place near by for winter activities and small hikes. Down hill skiing and snowboarding equipment available for rent. ”
18local recommendations