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Top recommendations from locals

Shopping Mall
“A shopping mall located in the Old Town with lots of stores and food places”
  • 52 locals recommend
Art Museum
“Beautifully renovated in 2016, the LNMA holds the most significant depository in the nation for works of art. It’s also worth going in just for the architecture. ”
  • 40 locals recommend
Farmers Market
“Impressive market, one of the main tourist attractions in Riga. Exciting all year round, but especially lovely in the summer when local farmers come to sell their produce. Organic Latvian strawberries are the best! ”
  • 72 locals recommend
“Riga St. Peter’s Church - the tallest peak in Riga, is one the oldest and most valuable monuments of medieval architecture in the Baltic States. It is located in the historical center of Riga and in 1997 was included among the UNESCO World Heritage sites. The church hall is used for exhibitions and concerts. Your are welcome to visit the tower of the church offering breathtaking views of the medieval and modern Riga, the Daugava with its spacious harbor and the Gulf of Riga.”
  • 46 locals recommend
“The Riga Old town - wander through the tiny streets and some of the most picturesque spots, such as House of the Blackheads, Three Brothers and Doma Cathedral.”
  • 43 locals recommend
“Riga's second-oldest public park; the numerous benches are always occupied by Rigans and visitors to the city, the historic open-air stage features various concerts, and children have fun on the park's playground.”
  • 34 locals recommend
Opera House
“Riga's White House — the Latvian National Opera and Ballet on Aspazijas bulvāris was opened in 1923”
  • 30 locals recommend
General Entertainment
“If you want to try local homemade cuisine, with moderate prices then this is a place to visit. Additionally, this complex has a variety of other attractions, especially in the winter, such as ice-skating, the tallest Christmas tree in Latvia and others. ”
  • 45 locals recommend
“The heart of Latvian independence. Drop by any day to see the change of guards on the hour between 10 and 16.”
  • 32 locals recommend
Athletics & Sports
“Mezaparks is one of the most beautiful, greenest, and also one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Riga, as well as a popular recreation area.”
  • 46 locals recommend
“If you would like to experience the Latvian countryside, this is the place to go as its atmosphere very much resembles everything we love about our contry. Peaceful, picturesque, green... And if you happen to be in Riga on the first weekend of June, I strongly recommend visiting the annual crafts fair. Artisans from all over the country come to display and sell everything they have made during the year. Excellent quality, loads of traditional crafts and many, many people. It's best to come early in the morning with lots of cash (thus far it's been the only method of payment possible at this fair). ”
  • 30 locals recommend
Eastern European Restaurant
“"Lido" is a popular canteen-style restaurant chain that serves traditional Latvian food. No fine dining, but quick and filling lunch is guarranteed. Various locations throughout the city.”
  • 47 locals recommend
Cocktail Bar
“Visit for the best night views over Riga. Can get quite busy on the weekend so I'd suggest you go up to the 26th floor restaurant from Monday to Thursday.”
  • 45 locals recommend
“A public park with around 104 foreign tree and bush species. Adidas marked running tracks.”
  • 17 locals recommend
  • 45 locals recommend
Chinese Restaurant
“A nice centrally located shopping mall. Features many fashion stores, a bookstore, a gym, a "Rimi" supermarket, and several roof cafes and bars with a good view.”
  • 24 locals recommend