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Top recommendations from locals

Historic Site
“Most famous tourist attraction in Pula, you can enjoy concerts here, movie screenings, various shows..”
  • 231 locals recommend
“Suggestion for a full day trip. It is necessary to book a ticket by boat. Distance of 50 km, then a boat. Beautiful beaches. Throughout history the Brijuni Islands have been the residences of the rich and were not available to ordinary citizens, they are now. There is also an outdoor safari park, 700 species of plants and 250 species of birds. Traces of dinosaurs, remnants of antiquity, and traces through history to the present day. ”
  • 162 locals recommend
Cocktail Bar
“ Whether you want to dance all night or just for a few minutes, this is a good place. Free entrance and reasonable prices.”
  • 43 locals recommend
“island National park Briuni, has old fortress of ex president Tito with many animals and parrots that can talk. There are boat tours daily ,12 km from app”
  • 48 locals recommend
Historic Site
“The Triumphal Arch of the Sergi in Pula is a superb architectural achievement of the Late Hellenistic Roman building. It was erected in the memory of the namesake family members. ”
  • 68 locals recommend
Shopping Mall
“Second centre is Pula City Mall (Ul. Rimske centurijacije 101 Pula), a modern, easily accessible shopping centre that allows you quickly shopping at every opportunity. The offer of the Pula City Mall comprises 21 brands and retail chains.”
  • 36 locals recommend
“Beautiful big aquarium with all kind of fish and sea turtles situated in an old fortress at Verudela, Pula”
  • 68 locals recommend
History Museum
“The Temple, situated in the Forum, is dedicated to goddess Roma and Emperor Augustus. It was constructed between the year 2 BC and AD 14 when the Emperor died. According to its shape it follows the typical pattern of temples. The function of the Temple changed through the years: with the ending of the pagan ancient era its original pagan function ceased and the temple was afterwards used as a church, granary, and in the beginning of the 19th century it was a museum for stone monuments. In 1944 it was hit by a bomb and completely destroyed. It was reconstructed between the years 1945 and 1947 and nowadays it houses a collection of ancient stone and bronze sculptures. The other twin temple, of which only the back wall is preserved, is believed to have been constructed at the same time and in the same style and was called the Temple of Diana”
  • 59 locals recommend
“The Shipyard is relatively new place to go out, and a favorite destination to various kinds of people. It's located on the Riva, near the sea, but please don't swim there as the water is yucky. ”
  • 58 locals recommend
Pizza Place
“Jupiter's Pizzeria and Restaurant is the best that Pula has. Extremely delicious dishes, ambience and location make this place very attractive. We often come alone or with our guests and are always delighted. We prefer pizza, green lasagna in mushroom sauce, pancakes.”
  • 71 locals recommend
“Nice big plazza with lot of caffes to have a drink and enjoy the city vibe..”
  • 39 locals recommend
Furniture / Home Store
“Huge green market, located in center of Pula, perfect place if you like to buy absolutely fresh and organic vegetable, fresh caught fish or fresh meat and diary products! Packed with great selection of products, ranged from fruits, vegetables, meat and fishes, honey, cheeses, yogurt and plenty of other items!”
  • 63 locals recommend
Pizza Place
“This is hands down one of the best pizza places in town maybe even the region. It is a 10 min drive away and we recommend going there at least once.”
  • 44 locals recommend
“You can play tennis, mini golf, swimm, drink, eat, watch movies at night on the beach... ”
  • 36 locals recommend
“Beautiful 4 km boardwalk with a pictoresque Gortanova Uvala beach. Great for walking, rollerblading, biking, and swimming (do come early to grab a spot on the beach.) Also a great beach bar just above the beach.”
  • 45 locals recommend
Mediterranean Restaurant
“come taste the Peca the typical Croatian dish in this very good restaurant. be careful to book because very popular.”
  • 35 locals recommend