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Top recommendations from locals

“This is Poznań’s largest park, situated in the city center. It only became an urban park after 1945; previously it belonged to a village near Poznań. This area contains the remains of a former Prussian fortress from the partition times; the fortress now houses the Museum of Armaments as well as the Army Museum ‘Poznań’. Moreover, a large number of historically significant sculptures are located in the Citadel Park. The park has a large open space where concerts are often held.”
  • 39 locals recommend
“A lot to see but also a great place to have a meal or few drinks with family and friends.”
  • 38 locals recommend
Shopping Mall
“It is actually a big shopping center but it is also strictly related to culture because many cultural events take place there, it has one of the greatest designs in Poznan and the park just in front is the most famous one among tourists and citizens. During summer there is an open bar there and You can unwind on one of many sunbeds or make a picnic under the tree admiring the view to great design of Stary Browar building.”
  • 26 locals recommend
Shopping Mall
“extraordinary design, interior, atmosphere, connection with art, good restaurants and shops”
  • 20 locals recommend
“a MUST SEE!// ZOBACZ KONIECZNIE! Brama Poznania to interaktywne muzeum, które opowiada historię kolebki państwa polskiego- Ostrowa Tumskiego-zlokalizowanej w najstarszej części miasta, nad rzeką Cybiną, wyspy. Obszar zajmuje specjalnie zaprojektowany kompleks obiektów: modernistyczny budynek główny i zrewitalizowaną Śluzę Katedralną pozostałość umocnień na Ostrowie z czasów pruskiego panowania. //Porta Posnania tells a story of Ostrow Tumski- a small island which is believed to be the cradle of the polish state, using various multimedia and interactive presentations. The history spans over a period of more than a millennium. It is located in the oldest part of Poznan where the Warta and the Cybina rivers cross. Porta Posnania design consists of the main, modernist style building and the restored Cathedral Lock, which was once a part of Prussian fortifications system. ”
  • 21 locals recommend
Natural Feature
“This lake is located by the Warta River – one of Poland’s biggest rivers. It is a popular recreational spot for all kinds of activities; it contains a regatta track, an artificial ski slope, an ice rink, a zoo, plus many other attractions. Moreover, Lake Malta has hosted several world-wide sport events, such as the world championships in kayaking or rowing. Great spot all year round.”
  • 14 locals recommend
Shopping Mall
“The largest shopping mall in Eastern Europe over 100000m2. Variety of shops, restaurants, ATM's ,banks, coffe shops, restaurants and cinema.”
  • 12 locals recommend
“Poznańskie muzeum istnieje od 1857 roku. Miano Narodowego nosi od roku 1950. Należy do najstarszych, największych i najważniejszych muzeów w Polsce. W swoich różnorodnych, przebogatych zbiorach przechowuje i udostępnia dziedzictwo wieków i pokoleń, wiedzy, trudu i pasji ludzi zbiory te gromadzących, a pośród nich – „klejnoty”, godne światowej galerii. Stworzone w różnych wiekach i czasach, czekając na odwiedzającego muzeum, gotowe dziś, właśnie jemu dostarczyć osobistego. niezastąpionego doświadczenia.”
  • 9 locals recommend
“The Palm Garden is located in a very nice park where You can take a short walk and than go inside to drink a cup of coffee admiring many exotic plants. There are two huge parrots and snakes and koi carps there. It is very hot inside so You had better take a short sleeve. Sometimes cat exhibitions take place in there.”
  • 14 locals recommend
Natural Feature
“Miejsce czynne również w dzień. Fajne, by posiedzieć przy piwku na leżaku. The place is also open during the day. It's nice to sit by the beer on a deck chair”
  • 23 locals recommend
“ You can take a recreation by walking, look at beautiful region and drink coffee or eat something near a lake.”
  • 10 locals recommend
“Odwiedzenie restauracji La Ruina i cukierni Raj to konieczność! Tuż za rogiem, zobaczycie, sławny na całą Polskę, trójwymiarowy mural.// Visiting La Ruina restaurant and Raj confectionery is an absolute must! While visting these two, you'll also be able to see a 3D mural situated just round the corner.”
  • 13 locals recommend
“Zoo. Proper zoo, with animals inside, well located, quiet and nice place for a walk.”
  • 11 locals recommend
Point of Interest
“during the summer, every Saturday there is the "Breakfast Market", take the blanket and eat breakfast on the grass, play with friends. Park has a lots of small rivers and lakes.”
  • 13 locals recommend
“Water park with plenty inside and outside pools - both sport and recreational. Also wide variety of saunas.”
  • 8 locals recommend
“The Cathedral Island (Pol. Ostrów Tumski) is famous for being one of the first settlements of the Piast dynasty. The basilica’s underground contains the original Piast church from the 10th century, where you will find a real historical gem – the tombs of the first rulers of the country: Mieszko I and his son, who was Poland’s first king, Boleslaw the Brave. Nearby, you will find the Heritage Center of Cathedral Island ‘Brama Poznania’. The island is connected to the main city area with two bridges named after Poland’s first rulers buried on the island. It is worth visiting the island for its wonderful landscape as well.”
  • 13 locals recommend