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Sightseeing and landmarks in Kagoshima

History museums

History Museum
“19 世紀の大日本帝国時代に起きた明治維新をテーマにした小さな博物館。 A small museum with the theme of the Meiji Restoration that occurred during the Empire of Japan in the 19th century. ”
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Scenic lookouts

Scenic Lookout
“城山の上には展望台やお土産屋さんがあり、ここからの桜島の眺めは絶景です There are an observatory and souvenir shops on the top of Mount Shiro. The view of Sakurajima from here is very beautiful ”
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Historic sites

Historic Site
“日本の江戸時代に使われた,石畳の古道です。 日本の明治維新を起こした鹿児島の偉人、西郷隆盛もこの道を通って、京都や江戸に行ったそうです。 It is a cobblestone old road used in the Edo period in Japan. It is said that Takamori Saigo, the great man of Kagoshima who caused the Meiji Restoration in Japan, also went to Kyoto and Edo through this road.”
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Historic Site
Historic Site
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