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Sightseeing and landmarks in Hastings

History museums

History Museum
“St Clement’s Caves were formed around 14,000 BC, during the last known Ice Age. Since their creation, these mysterious and spooky caves have had a fascinating role to play in the history of the Hastings area. The caves served as a home, a hospital, an air-raid shelter, and a ballroom – of which even the royal family and The Rolling Stones have visited. ”
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Scenic lookouts

Scenic Lookout
“See a bit of Hasting history. In amongst the Old net huts along this road are the Fishermans Museum and the Shipwreck Museum. Geat for rainy days. Behind the huts is the beach with one of Britains only beach launched fishing fleets.”
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Scenic Lookout
“Around this area are several Fresh fish shops with fish landed from the Hastings fleet. Make sure you have a look at the fish huts on winch rd (behind Jerwood Gallery) where the fishermen sell their own catch of the day in small wooden huts – really good value.”
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Historic sites

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Art and museum tours


“Housed in a beautiful ecclesiastic style, ornate building in the heart of town just a short walk to the shopping center. ”
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