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Best things to do in Haifa

Art Museum
“The Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art showcases an extensive variety of approximately 7,000 contemporary and traditional Japanese art, including paintings and prints, antique decorated books, room dividers, antique swards, and various art objects. The museum, which is nestled on the crest of Mount Carmel, is completely dedicated to Japanese culture and the collection, preservation, and exhibition of Japanese art, and is the only one of its kind in the Middle East. The Tikotin Museum of Japanese Arte was established in 1959. The museum exhibits traditional and contemporary art, and introduces us to Japanese art and culture. The museum We invite you to visit and meet Japan’s fascinating culture.”
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Art Museum
“Haifa Museum of Art is nestled within a stone building for preservation. The museum showcases the works of Israeli and international artists and unfolds on the one hand the story of Israeli culture from the beginning of the 20th century, and on the other, the place of contemporary art in the age of globalization. Haifa Museum of Art, one of the three largest museums of art in Israel, sprawls over approximately 3,500 Sqm and resides in three floors. The museum is an institution and an attraction for artists and art theorists who explore the topics of the history of Israeli and international art, with emphasis on contemporary art. ”
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“This free Archeologic museum is very nice and just under the Eshkol Tower with it beautiful view. ”
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History Museum
“The Hermann Struck Museum was established in the artist's house and is dedicated to his memory. Struck is considered one the most important print artists in Israel and Germany of the 20th century. Among Struck's important paintings are Theodor Herzel's portrait and portraits of the great philosophers, scientists, and Zionist figures of his times. The museum presents the artist's furniture, his personal possessions, and his original print machine, which has undergone restoration and conservation and is still operating. The museum is located in the Hadar HaCarmel neighborhood, in an elaborate, eclectic fancy building that was designed by the known architect, Alexander Baerwald. ”
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“This museum is located in the first Templar building of the German Colony. The building was used as the Templar community center. In 2000 the museum underwent massive conservation and restoration work. The museum exhibits the history of Haifa from different eras and points of view. There are also temporary exhibitions on urbanism, identity, multi-nationality, multi-culturalism and others. During the year, the museum organized a series of fascinating tours to introduce the city and its history.”
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“A beautiful huge garden, full of terraces and stairs, belongs to the Buddhist religion”
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Art Museum
“There are a few different exhibits here, the one we recommend is Dialogue in the Dark, which provides a peek into a blind persons world. Call in advance 03-6503000. Walking Distance.”
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