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Food and restaurants in China

Top restaurants

Asian Restaurant
“Namsan Tower is one of the biggest tower in Korea. The view is amazing. You should Definitely try going. ”
  • 205 locals recommend
Shanghai Restaurant
“Really nice and cute neighbourhood with small shops and restaurants. A bit touristy in the weekend but worth to go and walk in the small streets.”
  • 27 locals recommend
Fish Market
“My favorite modern fish market turned fresh sushi stands and food court restaurants. It’s pricy with high quality and up market customers and visitors. ”
  • 48 locals recommend
Shanghai Restaurant
“Initiated by artists of Shanghai, Tianzifang is famous for its bar located in classic houses of Shanghai style, so called Shikumen. Just a few stops along the subway No.9.”
  • 42 locals recommend
Salad Place
“The salad restaurant where you can eat from 6.30 am to 22.00 pm everyday. The food is nice and fresh. ”
  • 42 locals recommend
Thai Restaurant
“Lovely Place to hang out with friends, beautiful views to the River and Live Music every night where you can enjoy with the locals”
  • 55 locals recommend
Dumpling Restaurant
“Famous and delicious Taiwanese food one star on the Michelin Guide in Hong Kong”
  • 42 locals recommend
Noodle House
“到了西門町,不來吃阿宗麵線,等於白來西門町了喔,一定要來吃。就算不吃,也要看看這個奇景(大家都站著吃,哈哈)這樣一個小店面,竟然可以有辦法讓人家大排長龍的等待,周圍的商家一定很眼紅吧。 他們家的湯頭有加柴魚,所以味道很鮮美,加上大腸好吃、麵線很細,簡直說的我口水要流下來,你快去嚐嚐看。距離我們很近。 #5 mins walk from Simon's house#”
  • 9 locals recommend


Coffee Shop
“This is a tourist area, all those who have come to Hanoi should know about this street, it gathers all food and drink and can play very late at night like a night club, Bar, Music Venue, Wineny ,... ”
  • 54 locals recommend
Historic Site
“One of the century-old buildings in Taipei, it is currently the promotion place for Taiwan's cultural and creative products. There are many bars around it, which is very suitable for nightlife.它是台北有百年曆史的建築之一,目前是台灣文化創意產品的推廣場所。它周圍有很多酒吧,非常適合夜生活。 ”
  • 34 locals recommend
Coffee Shop
“| Opening Hours: 07.00 AM – 6.00 PM | Location: Nimmana Haeminda 15/3, Tambon Su Thep, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand It is arguably the best café in Chiang Mai. Ristr8to is run by the famous barista who won the World Latte Art Champion in 2017. Not only do they have the best coffee in Chiang Mai, they also have a very cozy atmosphere.”
  • 52 locals recommend
Coffee Shop
“翠湖位于昆明市区五华山西麓,是城区的中心观光点。因其八面水翠,四季竹翠,春夏柳翠,故称“翠湖 ”。“十亩荷花鱼世界,半城杨柳抚楼台”,翠湖被誉为镶嵌在昆明城的“绿宝石”。元朝以前,滇池水位高, 这里还属于城外的小湖湾,多稻田、菜园、莲池、故称“菜海子”。李专《菜海行》诗中说:“昆明池水三百里,菜海与之为一体。菡萏之国蛟龙窟……”翠湖涌出之泉水,直接入注滇池。因东北面有九股泉,汇流成池,又名“九龙池”。至民国初年,改辟为园,园内遍植柳树,湖内多种茶花,始 有“翠湖”美称。 夏季可以看成片的荷花美景,每年的冬季成群的红嘴鸥从西伯利亚到这里来过冬,景象很是壮观。 乘坐100、101、133、235、z5路等公交车在翠湖东门站下车可达。”
  • 16 locals recommend
Australian Restaurant
“Great good and good value for the quantity and quality. Nice ambiance. 2 mins away - just down the street! ”
  • 46 locals recommend
Coffee Shop
“Ta Hien Street, located in the heart of Hanoi Old Quarter, in the French colonial time called Géraud, is two-hundred-meter street, intersect with Hang Bac Street and Hang Buom Street. This street was named the “international crossroads” because there are many foreign tourists and has been included in the list of “places have to go in Hanoi” when traveling overseas of the foreigners. People reminds to it as a place for tourists to be able to feel the soul of Hanoi, which is simple and the intersection of the old and the new, of the East and the West. No one can deny that Ta Hien is a paradise on Earth for those with passion for street food. No matter what time you come to this place throughout the year, its incredible list of food always inspires you a lot. All things considered, do not hesitate to enter this wonderful street to explore very interesting stuff in the Vietnamese culture of street food. ”
  • 12 locals recommend


Ice Cream Shop
  • 14 locals recommend
Ice Cream Shop
“The best home made ice cream and sweets in Chiangmai. Decoration with unique style. you should come to check it out when you visit Chiangmai ”
  • 32 locals recommend
  • 2 locals recommend
Dessert Shop
  • 3 locals recommend
“Tour of the plant of the basic "deep red potato tart" of the Okinawa souvenir, other popular souvenirs.”
  • 15 locals recommend
“Iconic heritage restaurant of Kolkata for a yummy breakfast or to satisfy your sweet tooth”
  • 13 locals recommend