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Best nightclubs in Adriatic Sea

“For night-life lovers, this is a place to go. One of 50 Worlds night clubs for many years in a row.”
  • 75 locals recommend
Natural Feature
“Only a 15 minute boat ride from Dubrovnik old town, this small island is a gem well worth visiting. Great views in every direction - especially from the old fort at the summit, gorgeous botanical gardens, a monastery and gardens (Game of Thrones filming location), the Dead Sea, and lots of semi tame rabbits and peacocks roaming.”
  • 167 locals recommend
Pedestrian Plaza
“Old city is place were you can enjoy many museums, concerts, art galleries, book tours, restaurants with beautiful views, visit city walls, etc...”
  • 20 locals recommend
History Museum
“The Rector’s Palace used to serve as the seat of the Rector of The Republic of Ragusa until the 19th century. Built in the Gothic style with Renaissance and Baroque elements, it is gladly visited by tourists. ”
  • 35 locals recommend
“One of the main modern attractions of Dubrovnik is its cable car that connects the Old town with Srđ hill above it. The ride takes only few minutes during which you can enjoy some aerial views of the town. However, the best views await you on top, you will be able to see all of Dubrovnik and big parts of Souther Adriatic, it is a perfect place for taking a photo that will highlight your visit to Dubrovnik :) There is also a nice restaurant "Panorama" where you can enjoy the best meals wit a view over Dubrovnik, highly recommended, especially in the evenings. Besides that, we recommend visiting the Homeland War museum that is just next doors from a cable car station. Dubrovnik area went through difficult war time only 30 years ago. Find out more about that time when the town was bombed on daily bases and almost destroyed in the attacks by Serb and Montenegrin occupation forces. Tip: if you want to enjoy the view but don't want to go by the cable car, you can get there by the road on your own. However, beware that the road is pretty narrow and challenging and it can get jammed during summer months.”
  • 95 locals recommend
Wine Bar
“Conveniently located in the heart of the Old City, right next to the St. Blaise church, this is a great spot for drinking some superb wine. This chic and trendy wine bar at night, also offers a breakfast and brunch menu for the early birds to enjoy the sights and sounds of the most popular street, Stradun, by day.”
  • 10 locals recommend
“Famous Beach Banje is a beach situated just in a front of the Old town, only 15 minutes away by foot. You can rent a sun lounger and have a cocktail/coffee or to have a dinner in a restaurant on a upper floor.”
  • 42 locals recommend
Shopping Mall
“In the centar is grocery store, excange money office and some clothes stores, all on one place. Also on the top flor is small restorant if you need it. ”
  • 9 locals recommend
Historic Site
“You must see this! The main attraction of Old Town Dubrovnik are the ancient City walls with its intricate and complex system of forts, bastions, case-mates, towers and detached forts.”
  • 32 locals recommend
“This restaurant offers superb, innovative food and excellent service. There is also a car park near by for those travelling by car. ”
  • 59 locals recommend
“A beautiful place at the entrance to the old town of Dubrovnik for something to eat, drink coffee or wine at sunset. Invaluable view of the city walls, the fortress Bokar and Lovrijenac ”
  • 32 locals recommend
Japanese Restaurant
“If you are a fan of Asian food this is the perfect place for you. Located in a residential area in Lapad, this restaurant is a little harder to find. Open only in the evenings, Shizuku serves only dinner and offers maki rolls, nigiri and sashimi along with a wide variety of other Japanese dishes. It is popular dining spot, the tables fill up quickly, so make sure to call ahead for a reservation.”
  • 33 locals recommend
“Dubrovnik City Walls are a complex of fortifications that surround the old part of Dubrovnik. Citizens are from the 13th to the 17th century for defense purposes. Long are 1940 m, up to 25 m high, on a land of 4-6 m, and by sea 1.5-3 m. On four sides of the world are protected by the towers. When it started building walls in the 13th century, the space of the old town was already defined to no longer spread. Within the city walls, during the Dubrovnik Republic there were about 2000 inhabitants at the time of the Constitution in 1272, and most were in the 15th century, about 6000 people [1]. In the 14th century 15 square-tower buildings were built. With the onset of gunpowder, it is gradually increasing the protection of the artillery attacks. Because of the dangers of the Venetian, all unnecessary openings on the walls at the port are closed. City walls were given the present look in the 15th and 16th centuries. Wars affected the new construction. When Constantinople fell in 1453, the Minceta Tower was built. Because of the Turkish-Venetian wars, the towers of St. Ivan, Revelin and the Bastion of St. Margarete (in St. Margaret's). The walls were built at great speed because of the danger of war”
  • 30 locals recommend
Seafood Restaurant
“The best fish and seafood restaurant in the city if you don't mind for price.”
  • 21 locals recommend
Mediterranean Restaurant
“Very good and tasty food. Special recommendation is souffle from chocolate.”
  • 11 locals recommend
Point of Interest
“you can grab the number 10 bus back to Obod from here after loading up on food from Konzum just next door.”
  • 13 locals recommend