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    Cancellation options due to COVID-19

    If COVID-19 affects your travel plans (we hope it doesn’t) and you want to find out what your current cancellation and refund options are, go to cancel your reservation and choose My travel plans have changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    First off, you’ll always have these options:

    • A refund according to your host’s cancellation policy
    • A full cash refund after submitting official documentation for review

    And depending on your booking and check-in dates, you may also have these options as well: 

    • An extenuating circumstances travel credit
    • Ask your host for a full refund

    If you still need to cancel, continue with the cancellation process and we’ll walk you through what you or your Host may need to do. 

    Things to know

    If you’re sick due to COVID-19, this is always covered under our standard Extenuating Circumstances Policy. Just choose I have an extenuating circumstance when you cancel.

    If your reservation doesn’t qualify for a full refund, you can always message your Host to find out if they’re willing to give you an additional refund through the Resolution Center.

    Did you get the help you needed?

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