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    What does it mean if Airbnb closes my host account?

    After your host account for a stay is closed, this means that you’re permanently unable to host your home or any other space on Airbnb.

    You’ll still be able to travel on Airbnb as a guest or host an experience, and you’ll always be able to access your reservation and transaction history. If you travel on Airbnb or host an experience, other hosts and guests won't know that we closed your host account.

    Why we closed your host account

    We depend on our hosts to consistently meet our hospitality standards and rely on our guests to let us know when something isn’t as expected. That’s why we reviewed your ratings and reviews before deciding to close your account. In general, we decide to close an account if the host:

    • Has had their listings repeatedly suspended
    • Has overall ratings that are below 99% of all other ratings on Airbnb
    • Has violated of our Terms of Service

    What happens to existing reservations

    You can still host guests that are scheduled to arrive within 7 days of your host account being closed. For reservations scheduled past those 7 days, we’ll find another place for those guests to stay and cancel the reservations they made with you. If we cancel the reservation, you won’t be compensated for it.

    Appealing the decision

    Because we carefully looked at the reviews and ratings in your host account before we closed it, we do not frequently reverse this decision. However, if you feel that closing your account was a mistake, you can appeal it by using this form.

    We'll consider your appeal only if:

    • You've received only positive guest feedback
    • There were extenuating circumstances
    • Your account has been inaccurately linked to a previously closed account

    We won't accept appeals that claim:

  • The issue only happened once as we don't close host accounts based on a single negative review
  • The reviews were unfair—read more about Airbnb's Review Policy
  • Did you get the help you needed?