Airbnb 2022 Summer Release

A new Airbnb for a new world of travel

Two rows of beautiful listing photos show homes in Airbnb’s Castle, Desert, Design, Beach, and Countryside Categories. One of the listings is shown on a mobile phone screen, demonstrating how the listings would show up in the Airbnb app.

People are more flexible than ever about where and when they travel. To help them take advantage of these new possibilities, we’re introducing our biggest change in a decade—including a completely new way to search, a better way to stay longer, and an unmatched level of protection.

A new way to search

Introducing an all-new design, built around Airbnb Categories, to help our guests easily explore the world of Airbnb—and discover places they wouldn’t have known to search for.

An open laptop and a mobile phone display the new Airbnb homepage, where listing photos from Airbnb’s Design Category are displayed. A row of icons along the top of the page showcase the different categories a guest can explore.

Airbnb Categories. Designed to help guests discover one-of-a-kind homes.

Our Hosts offer millions of unique homes around the world. Airbnb Categories organize them into curated collections, with over 50 categories of homes chosen for their style, location, or nearby activities. They include:

Meet the Design Category

Guests can now easily discover over 20,000 homes chosen for their iconic architecture and interiors, including masterpieces by architects like Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier.

An impressive brick Frank Lloyd Wright home sits in a natural environment with floor to ceiling windows covering one entire side.
Frank Lloyd Wright
Hosted by Marika
A concrete Le Corbusier building towers up into the blue sky —Its structure creates geometric shapes on the skyline, while a blue statue of a suited man pokes up from the floor.
Le Corbusier
Hosted by Elodie
The interior of a Taalman Architecture home shows a wooden ceiling, stone floors, and a fireplace that’s suspended by its chimney.
Taalman Architecture
Hosted by Linda
A container-like home made of orange metal is showcased against an open sky, a eucalyptus tree visible in the foreground.
Robert Nichol & Sons
Hosted by Dayget
A white, modern home designed by Steven Holl, is captured at dusk and lit warmly from within.
Steven Holl
Hosted by Sarah
A minimalist yet cozy-looking wooden interior of a dining area is pictured, within a home designed by William Turnbull Jr.
William Turnbull Jr.
Hosted by Miju
A Cameron Anderson Architects home sits below a full moon. Its windows and large open doorway show a warm, wooden interior as the corrugated metal ridges of its outer walls reflect the moonlight.
Cameron Anderson Architects
Hosted by Rick and Steph
A striking candy-pink building with unique offset windows, designed by Ricardo Bofill, is contrasted against a bright blue sky
Ricardo Bofill
Hosted by Hans

How we create Airbnb Categories

Selected from six million homes

Airbnb Hosts offer the largest collection of unique homes in the world—from treehouses to tiny homes—in over 100,000 towns across 220 countries.

Analyzed by machine learning

We evaluate listings on Airbnb by using machine learning to analyze titles, written descriptions, guest reviews, photo captions, and other data.

Curated by Airbnb

Members of Airbnb’s curation team review listings and hand-pick featured photos. Then each category goes through a final review for consistency and photo quality.

Introducing Split Stays

More people are taking longer trips than ever before. To give them even more options when planning we’ve created Split Stays, an innovative new feature that splits a trip between two different homes—now guests can find an average of 40% more listings when searching for those longer stays.

A better way to stay longer

The screen of a mobile phone shows a Split Stay. The screen says: “Split your time between Norrebro and Gammelholm” and displays the price for the trip. Below, there are two photos of the homes. The Norrebro image shows a dining room with a large charcoal bookcase and a modern chandelier. The Gammelholm image shows another dining room, this one lit by a large skylight. Each photo is captioned with dates, which make clear that the guest would spend 12 days in Norrebro, followed by 18 days days in the Gammelhorm home.

Two homes in one destination

When guests search for a longer stay in a single destination, we’ll offer the option of splitting their trip between two different homes in the area.

The screen of a mobile phone shows a Split Stay from the National Parks Category. The screen says “Split your time between Zion and Grand Canyon,” along with the price of the proposed trip. Below there are two side-by-side photos. The Zion photo shows a roomy, glowing tent under a dark sky. The Grand Canyon photo shows an outdoor pool with mountain views. Each photo is captioned with dates, which make clear that the guest would spend 4 days in Zion, followed by 3 days at the Grand Canyon.

Two homes in one category

Split Stays are also offered in 14 different categories, including Camping, National Parks, Surfing, and more, so guests can enjoy similar homes or activities in two places. For example, a guest browsing the National Parks Category might find a Split Stay suggesting a home near Zion and another by the Grand Canyon.

One seamless experience

The screen of a mobile phone shows a Split Stay. The screen says “Stay in Roma Norte and La Condesa,” the price of the trip, and images of two bright, colorful—but different—patio spaces in Mexico City. Below there is a button labeled “Map.”

Intelligent matching

We intelligently pair two homes, matched by location, property type, and amenities.

The screen of a mobile phone shows a map of Mexico City. The two homes that appeared on the previous screen are indicated by black icons displaying the dates of each stay. An arching black line shows how close the homes are to one another. An inset image repeats images of the two colorful patios associated with this Split Stay.

Animated mapping

Split Stays are connected on the map by an animation that clearly shows the distance between the homes and the sequence of the stays.

The screen of a mobile phone shows an image of the Roma Norte stay, plus relevant booking information. At the bottom of the screen there’s a button inviting the guest to “Reserve.”

Easy booking

Once a guest selects a Split Stay, they are guided through an easy-to-use flow to book each home—one at a time.

An unmatched level of protection

AirCover is the most comprehensive free protection in travel, giving our guests the confidence of knowing that if something goes wrong, we have their backs.

The most comprehensive protection in travel. Always included, always free. Only on Airbnb.

AirCover provides four protections for every guest on every stay

Booking Protection Guarantee

In the unlikely event a Host needs to cancel a booking within 30 days of check-in, we’ll find guests a similar or better home, or we’ll refund them.

Check-In Guarantee

If a guest can’t check into their home and the Host cannot resolve the issue, we’ll find them a similar or better home for the length of their original stay, or we’ll refund them.

Get-What-You-Booked Guarantee

If at any time during a guest’s stay they find their listing isn't as advertised—for example, the refrigerator stops working and the Host can’t easily fix it, or it has fewer bedrooms than listed—guests will have three days to report it and we’ll find them a similar or better home, or we’ll refund them.

24-hour Safety Line

If a guest ever feels unsafe, they’ll get priority access to specially-trained safety agents, day or night.

Find complete details on how AirCover protects every guest’s booking and any exclusions that apply. If you’re a Host, learn more about what AirCover means for you.

Only Airbnb gives every guest AirCover

Booking Protection Guarantee
Check-In Guarantee
Get-What-You-Booked Guarantee
24-hour Safety Line

AirCover benefits compared to comprehensive protections offered for free by our most direct competitors.

A specially trained, dedicated team, ready to make it right

Two mobile phones sit beside each other, the one on the left shows a text conversation between an Airbnb guest and a member of Airbnb’s AirCover team. The team member explains that she’s found 5 new places to stay, similar to the guest’s original booking. The guest responds that she was able to book a listing called “Cabin in Anchorage.” The phone on the right shows the first two homes from a wishlist. The first photo shows a sunny and inviting living room from a cabin in Anchorage, Alaska. The top of the next listing can also be seen.

A specially trained, dedicated team, ready to make it right

AirCover has been designed directly into the Airbnb app and website, making it easy for guests to contact an agent at any time, and resolve issues quickly. To deliver AirCover, we created a team of specially trained agents for last-minute rebooking assistance, and expanded our 24-hour Safety Line to be available in more languages than ever.